Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dinner with YBs: Guest #2

Shaziman Abu Mansor, Works Minister. The National Press Club exco will meet the Works Minister for dinner this week. I am particularly interested in how he is going to solve the problem of long queues at highway/expressway tolls. These multi-million highways were constructed to ease traffic congestions but they have ended up being the cause for massive bottlenecks, as the Works Minister discovered for himself earlier this week.

The ideal solution is to abolish toll but that would create other problems for the Government.

If you have any question you'd like to ask the Minister, go to my Comment box.


  1. yikes,,this shaziman guy is an idiot...big time idiot. not impressive at all.

    -dont fancy shaziman-

  2. Bru,
    Please ask the Minister, why parking in the already limited Jalan Tangsi has been removed? How and where are visitors supposed to park?


  3. Bro,

    when are they going to build a dual carriage way linking Kuching to Miri. now only between Mile 15 and Serian (20 km stretch kot). just use the tax from our timber, or gas, or petrol, or hotel/restaurant, or Taib Mahmud family income tax to finance the project, ha ha ha... no need toll la! BTW, I do not think Anwar build the road given if PR take over. He will be busy with Bintulu Port RM800,000 per ship fee of Sarawak LNG going out to Japan but ironically their is no LPG station here in Sarawak

  4. what ? expecting the job scope of a minister should involve parking spaces? shows the level of their mentality didn't it?

  5. 1>How many % in terms of VALUE as well as NUMBER of projects are awarded on direct negotiated basis for last 3 years?As CIDB is under his purview he should have the information or else he is not reading reports?I know 3 major projects given on Direct Nego i.e Ipoh-Padang besar Double Tracking RM 12.4 b,Penang Second Bridge RM 4.6 billion,Seremban-Gemas Double Tracking RM 3.6 billion >>total RM 20.6 billion ..the three projects already equal to 200,000 Class F awards or 20,000 Rm 1m contracts or 2000 Rm 10m awards.Where got NEP?
    2>Under Treasury Guidelines what circumstances allows for Direct Negotiated Projects?
    3>For the toll roads concessionaires >>are there service conditions that they have to fulfil eg: average travel speed during peak hours,waiting time at toll plazas..what is the recourse if they fail to observe this during the concession period?Are there supposed to expand capacity to meet demand (WITHOUT recourse to govt subsidies)?
    4>What is the average cost per class room build NOW?How does this compare (with inflation ) to class rooms built in 1980s?FYI average construction cost for private development projects have doubled since the 80s but govt projects have quadrupled.

  6. you should delete uncivilized statements made here!

  7. Bro, one area could perhaps be to encourage, or make it compulsory, for highway concessionaires allocate a certain sum each year to a pool for funding research in traffic/safety improvement.
    Another matter, which is a long standing issue, is some form of action against developers who damage public roads when they lay new piping/wiring for their projects. This essentially damages public property and wastes public spending. Jasbir.

  8. Bro, two things.
    1) maybe the highway operators should contribute to a pool of funds for research in traffic improvement/road safety.
    2) An older issue, those who dig up public roads for laying cables/pipes, should ensure that the roads are repaired properly.Perhaps they should contract the PWD for road digging and repairs. The present practice, i'm cure, cumulatively wastes a lot of public money.- jasbir.

  9. lebih baik buat interchange kat semua bandar supaya bas dan train henti tempat sama tak perlu memandu sendiri.sekarang ni kalau turun train naik bas jauh begitu sebaliknya pas tu baru fikrkan lebuhraya

  10. lebih baik buat interchange kat semua bandar termasuk pekan kecil, senang tukar bas dan train supaya dapat kurangkan kenderaan dijalanraya seterusnya di lebuhraya

  11. Ask this suckers to look at LDP, espcially the Sunway toll, it sucks. Not worth the paying another highway robbers.Just want to know how do they consider a so call 'highway'How long for each interchange,speed limit,number of lanes etc. is consider tobe call highway??????
    LDP should not be name a highway. Only at night can consider a highway but on the day should be ccall ?????? sucks.