Friday, June 26, 2009

Sir Winston Churchill vs Tun Mahathir Mohamad

Spin and Anti-Semitism. Blogger AsH, who's based in the UK for now, shares with us her view on "the modus operandi of journalists and writers as they diminish and demolish someone's achievement and character, especially someone who does not sing from their hymn book".

"I am not writing this to champion and defend Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a former PM of Malaysia ... (but) When it comes to anti-Semitism no one can hold a candle to JS's Motherland's hero : Sir Winston Churchill.

"Dr Mahathir, President Mugabe, President Ahmedinejad - eat your heart out. In the accusations made against you for rabid anti-Semitism you have been outclassed by Sir Winston Churchill."

Read AsH's Tit for Tat for Tatty Tirades (Don't you just love Alliterations?)


  1. 1. One of the hallmarks of the West is science which calls for objective scholarship. One theologian of the West, working to these standards, came to the conclusion that the treatment of the Jews in the Islamic East was on the whole a lot worse than the treatment they got in the West.

    2. Didn't Dr Mahathir insist that the Israeli sports team be allowed into Malaysia sometime ago, because our quarrel is not with the Jews but the Israeli state?


  2. Repeating my comment on Anak Si Hamid here...

    Going back to the main topic. I am not too surprised with Churchill's rather racist attitude, his own justification for opposing Britain's entry into WWI was that it was not justified to go to war for the sake of Serbs, whom he pretty much considers a race of scum!

    At the same time, it is not surprising for him to be anti-Arab/Islam and pro-Jew, Churchill's mother was not just famously American, she was also Jewish, though I have not found any reference of Churchill being either Jewish or a practicing Christian... he is likely agnostic.

    The above gives me pause, for whilst it does not necessarily make me admire Churchill less, it does help put his beliefs and actions into greater context. E.g. his battle against Hitler was personal... Hitler was persecuting his mother's, hence his own people. The genocide would have been excruciating when discovered...

    In all the above, I do indeed take Anak Si-Hamid's point. It is unfortunate also then that the young seem to be swayed more by the likes of Simpson than Kadir Jasin these days. The fear I have is that contextually, they are more 'at home' with Simpson and the like. I do not call this progress, I call it tragic.

    And this is perhaps why some choose to not take your point maam, but rather pursue their incessant 'hobby-of-hate' towards our former PM, Tun Dr M...

  3. Malaysians are very naive.

    It is pretty clear that the MACC is operating like the German or Soviet secret police of the ruling party to punish opposition members.

    How more transparent can they get? We must be all completely idiots to even discuss MACC.

    Something like the MACC has to be completely independent or not in existence at all.

    This is truly outrageous, as would be the case if the Mafia ran the police force.

  4. Barisan Nasional must be made to pay for their shameless and diabolic behaviour. They and only they are responsible for the death of the young Teoh Beng Hock.

    Why is MACC only investigating non-BN politicians who legitimately took political control of the state government from BN?

    Why is MACC not investigating any of the BN politicians against whom reports have been lodged?

    It seems obvious that the MACC and police are all lackeys and running dogs of the BN government, jumping to at their every beck and call.

    They have no self respect, no sense of right or wrong and I am ashamed and disgusted to be called Malaysian.

    The blame lies on all of us for voting the BN, for not being able to form a cohesive and united group to wrest power from the egotistic BN mob.

    Despite what they have been saying about the British, they left us a good legacy, with decent laws and a democratic system.

    The BN slowly but surely whittled away at the foundations of our nation and brought us down to this lowest of low point in Malaysia history.

    It is time for the opposition to unite under a single banner without reference to race or religion and take on the multi faceted and splintered BN.

    Anwar, Zaid, Karpal, Lim and the rest, this is a wake up call.

    Think like you are the next government. Be prepared with a list of pledges that you will introduce if you get the opportunity to form the next government.

    Put the country and its people first and let your personal party politics take a back seat for a change.

  5. If only the malays are a bit smarter, then BN won't win. The problem is malays are too damn stupid that they keep voting for BN. I don't know what poison BN gave to make them in this state.

  6. bro, what do you think of the caning of that part time model who drank beer?